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Discovered 3rd generation inducing technique through fungus

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Persistency in research & cultivation of agarwood, through modern and precise management, Bosy managed to expand the planting area in Asia-Pacific region, grow together with investors, enjoy the fruitful outcome together.

Bosy Goal
Unique & advance inducing technique create a great future for the organization. Bosy Holdings Corp. subsidiary a plantation industry -- “Bosy Agarwood”, being recognized by others with a great potential, also known as the most rapid growth agarwood plantation organization in Southeast Asia. The administrative headquarters of Bosy Holdings Corp. is located in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. Factory located in Selangor, Kajang Industrial area. “Bosy Agarwood” focusing on the plantation of agarwood, which known as diamond in the plant, spectrum of the business include planting, inducing & harvest.
“Bosy Agarwood”own a holistic management structure, and a strong team of professional and advance research and development team, with the intergraded management system, the organization rise among the Southeast Asia market, become the signature brand for agarwood in Asia Pacific. Possess the excellent inducing technique, is the core value that makes “Bosy Agarwood” become outstanding. This technique will rewrite the history of agarwood supplies, provide the solution of the short supply issue of agarwood.

Bosy Agarwood Processing Industry

Set cultivation, research, processing, as one of the factories, to ensure that production for self-marketing. Focus on Agarwood saplings, Agarwood trees, product processing, refining and sorting raw materials screening。

Selangor Processing Industry
Kajang, Selangor

Strategy Location

Located strategically in the city of Kuala Lumpur.

Bosy Holdings Corp. Headquater
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Expert Planning

Bosy Agarwood has planted more than 3,000 varieties of Aquilaria in 6 acres of land

Most Bigger Agarwood Land of Bosy

Bosy Agarwood

Become the leader of the plantation of agarwood, help investor to generate profits which is higher than expectation. And the world's first listed agarwood plantation organization.

Bosy Vision
We own the artificial fungus inducing technique, which can produce high volume of yield with high quality. Compare with others, we discovered 3rd generation inducing technique through fungus, the yield is more than double comparing with others inducing technique. We can expect “Bosy Agarwood” can become an outstanding organization among the agarwood plantation in Southeast Asia.
With the guidance of the technique used by pioneer, “Bosy Agarwood” developed the most recognized & mature 3rd generation inducing technique through fungus. This is an unique, tip-top technique, which allow us to become outstanding among others. This technique is based on the scientific theory of plant, went through thousands of experiment, keep enhance on every single step, and ultimately to achieve an accurate and effective technique.

Through the unique & efficient plantation technique with integrated management technique, positioning the organization with a sustainable development. Helps the investors to generate sustainable profits.

Bosy Mission
If the agarwood stem diameter is more than 15cm, we can implement the artificial fungus inducing technique, another 1-2 years can ready for harvest. Proven by the experiment, each unit of agarwood can yield 60%-80% of incense wood!
With the stable & accurate technique, based on result & statistic of the experiment, we are confident each unit of agarwood, after 6-7 years, can generate 3000USD profits! Is a reliable and stable investment.

Becoming the world leader in the field of incense planting, to bring investors better than expected return, and the world's first incense growing companies listed companies.

Bosy Prospect
In the agarwood plantation industry, only the one who own the efficient inducing technique can conquer the market. “Bosy Agarwood” has 3000 units of agarwood (Aquilaria species) planted at Gua Musang (6 acres land). Due to the superb technique as support, we have the advantage to compete with others, we are confident on generate sufficient returns for our investor.
Leverage on the advantage, we expend our plantation area! Organization purchased 1100 acres land at Kelantan, plant with agarwood. Based on the calculation from expert, 1 acre can plant 1000 units of agarwood.

Through our top cultivation techniques and sound and effective management, the enterprise shape into sustainable development of enterprises, investors continue to bring the ideal return.

Bosy Vision
Bosy Holdings Corp. is having great knowledge and experiences on Agarwood market, and mastering the new "artificial fungus planting technology", in 2010, we established a subsidiary company to formally develop the Agarwood planting technology. The company has a leading research and development team and a marketing team who familiar with global market. The company is involved in the Agarwood marketing, artificial plant-growing techniques, harvest and sale.
At present, among the Malaysia Agarwood industry, "BOSY Agarwood” is the most potential company, because we have mastered the exclusive "artificial fungus planting technology" which can made the tree produce 1000-2000 US dollars of harvest.

Becoming the world leader in the field of incense planting, to bring investors better than expected return, and the world's first incense growing companies listed companies.

Bosy Mission
With a variety of advantages, the "BOSY Agarwood" poised to become the top brand in Southeast Asia. At present, we have set up a blueprint of development for the next few years, including in Malaysia and two programs in neighboring countries. The next two years is our short-term goal, we are confident to harvest in a number of areas with 1 million trees! Assuming a tree having return of 1,000 US dollars, at least up to 1 billion dollars in this high returns! To achieve the above objectives, we have formulated the following two perfect and highly feasible plans, in order to achieve our goal successfully.

Strategic Cooperation Program:
In Malaysia, Indonesia and Laos, two cooperation programs have been formulated, which is "Cooperation Program" and the "Acquisition Program". In Malaysia, we have identified 5 strategic locations, including Penang, Perak, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka and Johor, to identify suitable strategic partners, to reduce the economic and personnel burdens of partners.
As we all know, the largest cost of Agarwood plantation is personnel/ human resources costs. The strategic "partnership program" means if the farm owner grows the tree on more than 5 acres of land, we will provide monthly support, including management, fertilization (including manure), artificial fungus planting technology and other series of follow-up work.

Win-win Acquisition Program
The acquisition program is to target owner who plant Agarwood trees, on the basis of planting trees for more than four years, and under the appropriate conditions, such as planting quality, garden conditions and so on, the two sides agreed to a win-win plan . After the acquisition, we will continue to follow up a series of works, including farming, management, fertilization, artificial planting fungus until harvest.

Planting Activities

Through a series of research activities, workshop, artificial fungus planting technology, and site visits, this order is to consolidate the knowledge of Agarwood lovers on the ecology, manufacturing and economic aspects. And also a more comprehensive understanding of this species’ uniqueness and the importance.

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